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Sea Trek


Walk on the bottom of the sea of cortez at zero gravity, stroll undersea where sci-fi meets reality. No snorkel or dive experience is required. From the private platform, put on your specially designed helmet and descend into the beautiful world waiting below the surface.

Your helmet will keep your hair dry and it is ok to wear prescription glasses - air is pumped directly into the helmet; no mouthpiece used. Follow your guides through an underwater pathway, play some games and enjoy the amazing marine life that surrounds.


Recomendations: bring swimsuit, towel and sun block.

Guides: Bilingual guides, our guides are certificated Rescue Diver.

Provided Equipment: dive helmet, crocs sandals, wet suit, snorkel gear.

Floating platform includes: lockers, nextel and marine radio in case of emergency. Rescue equipment: life jackets, ring rescue, first aid kit.

Refreshments: Water and sodas.

Technical conditions: The Sea Trek gear consists: maniful that fills the air hoses 15 meters long, which are connected to each of the helmet to provide air to the person. The hull weighs about 35 kilos, which allows no buoyancy.

Restrictions: Minimum age for the activity is 8 years old, customers under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Not allowed: pregnant women, people with respiratory problems (asthma), major surgeries (heart), problems with hip, back.


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