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Cabo Dolphins


Dolphin Kids

Interacting with dolphins is an amazing experience that will leave a lasting impression on your child's mind and heart. This program offers child's between 4 and 9 years old the opportunity to learn more about dolphins in a fun and safe environment.

This exclusive experience allows small children to be close to dolphins like they have always dreamed of! This 30 minute program begins poolside with the introduction of their dolphin family. Afterwards, children can touch and interact with them in a practical session lead by their expert dolphin trainers in a specially designed shallow part of the pool. Parents or guardians may watch from their observation area.


Dolphin Encounter


Your experience begins with an educational session where you will learn about the anatomy, physiology, natural history and training of the bottlenose dolphin. The activity begins on their shallow platform, where their trainers will introduce you to the dolpins and you will make yourself comfortable with them in knee-depp water (no swimming required). During 15 minutes you can see them up close, feel their soft skin, give training signals and even kiss and dance with them in their pool specially designed for this activity.

The program lasts 30 minutes including the orientation. Group size is limited to ensure that you enjoy the most personal experience.


Swim With Dolphins


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to relate with these wonderful and intriguing mammals. You will touch, play and swim with their amusing and adorable bottlenose dolphins.

Your program begins with an interactive orientation that includes a brief presentation of the dolphin's characteristics and how to use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with them.

Once in the water you will share 30 magical minutes with your dolphin, swimming with, touching, and even kissing your dolphin if you like (they love kisses) and you will enjoy a high-speed ride around the pool holding onto to the dorsal fin on his back or his pectoral fins on his belly.


Trainer for a Day


Reserve your chance to be a Dolphin Trainer for a Day. This adventure is a half day program for six lucky would-be trainers.

Begin your day meeting the dolphin trainers and their friendly family of bottlenose dolphins. Prepare their daily diet and learn about how we care for their dolphins on site laboratory and enjoy free time in the water with them. A full dolphin swim session is included and after a delectable lunch in their deli lounge bar, become and actual dolphin trainer in the afternoon as you assist with a dolphin swim program.


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