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Gamboa Rain Forest


We will a short transfer to the beautiful Gamboa Resort area, where you will be able to experience different activities within the beautiful rain forest. You can star with the Aerial tram and experience a thrilling and spectacular 360° view above the rainforest canopy as your aerial tram ascends 280 feet over half a mile. Your tram completes its journey at the top of a hill. A short walk will lead you to the observation tower where you have a great view of the canal, the Chagres River, Soberania National Park and Gamboa's Town. Then you will board a small boat for an exhilarating speed-ride directly through the Panama Canal alongside giant vessels in transit, but not for long, after 20 minutes slow down to enter the quiet world of wildlife that inhabits the shoreline of Gatun Lake. As you approach the forested banks of Gatun Lake, you'll have an opportunity to look for wildlife such as Capuchin Monkeys, 3-toed Sloth, Howler Monkeys and various species of Toucans and other birdlife. Trained naturalist guides accompany the group to make this journey come alive with interesting information and a true sense of what life was like before settlers came in the 1500's.

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