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We start from one of our four store locations, as we head out in a single file line behind our qualified guide we drive towards the big green mountains away from the pacific ocean, now take the dirt road and hold on… we are going up to the top! What a wonderful view from up here….You can see the entire coastline, and the Nicoya Peninsula so clearly. The rainforest is so plentiful and vivid in colors of green. This truly is an adventure of a life time. You gotta come here and check for yourself. After this we drive some more to the quant little open restaurant of Doña Martha. Are you thirsty? A little Hungry? Martha can whip up some delicious plantain bocas while you grind your own sugar cane into a sweet drink.

While we take a bit of a break ask her about the time the roof of her establishment blew right off in a tropical storm. She has lots of stories to share and if you don't speak spanish your bilingual guide can help translate. Ready for more? We'll get back on our quads and start the descent back down the mountain. This is a bit more technical than the climb up, the mountain side really gives you the perspective of how high we really are above sea level, but wait…remember to take a picture of the Del Zorro waterfall and leave nothing but tire marks… ****All tour locations are subject to change due to variances in the weather, rider experience or un-foreseen conditions.

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