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Dolphin Adventures


Experience a chance of a lifetime and get up close and personal with these playful creatures. Right after the orientation, you will enjoy about 30 minutes to become acquainted with the dolphin through hugs, kisses and rubdowns.

Dolphin Encounter

The Dolphin Encounter is designed for those who prefer their tour to be on "solid ground". This unique interactive program allows you to learn more about these fascinating mammals while standing waist deep on a submerged platform in a specially designed educational pool. Always accompanied by the trainer and by small groups, you will have the opportunity to examine and learn about the dolphin's characteristics. Dolphins are curious about us as we are about them and they will offer their sleek, graceful bodies to be stroked and gently petted. Right after being introduced, the dolphin will shake your hand and give you a friendly kiss!

Dolphin Encounter Kids

Interacting with dolphins is an amazing experience that leaves a lasting impression on both heart and mind. Dolphin Kids is a special dolphin interaction program that offers children of ages 4 TO 8 the opportunity to learn about Pacific bottlenose dolphins and get closer to them than they ever dreamed possible, in a fun, safe environment. This unique dolphin experience allows small children to! The 30-minute program starts with a poolside introduction to the family of dolphins. Then, kids get to touch and interact with their dolphins in a hands-on session lead by one of the experienced dolphin trainers on a shallow shelf in their specially designed maternity pool.

Trainer for One Day

You are the dolphin trainer! Put on your uniform and dive into to the fascinating world of bottlenose dolphins. During this seven hour experience, you will gain an insight and understanding of the basic skills needed to care for and train dolphins through practical hands-on experience, while being an active member of a team of marine mammal experts. You will be in close contact with the dolphins throughout the day - both in the pool and poolside - while assisting professional trainers in every aspect of their work. You will also participate in a swim and encounter session with the dolphins. At the end of your day you will receive a diploma. Trainers for a day must be 10 years or older.

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