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Sian Ka'an


Sian Ka'an (where the shy begins' in Maya) was founded in 1986 and a year later declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the state of Quintana Roo, at 2 and a half hour of Cancun.

The reserve of 618,000 hectares encompasses most of the ecosystems that exist in the Yucatan Peninsula; from the medium and low-growth jungles, beaches, savannas, marshlands, mangroves, lagoons, islets, cenotes, underground rivers to 100 km of untouched and virtually unexplored coral reef. Sian Ka'an is a wonderland of plants and animals. Over 800 plant species have been identified and over 350 species of bird call the reserve home. The majority of these are water birds and during the breeding season, large colonies of frigate bird, pelican, egret and ibis congregate in the mangrove forest. There are even a few breeding pairs of jabirus, a rare stork that is the largest bird in the Americas. The reserve is alive with jaguar, tapir, peccary, temazate or brocket deer, grison, coatimundi, tropical porcupine; 100 species of mammal altogether, while off shore there's over 70 species of coral and all kind of tropical fishes. There is also more than 20 sites of Mayan ruins whose have been located to date.

You can wander about on your own, but by far the best way to see the reserve is with the people who know it best, "Amigos de Sian Ka'an"

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